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Friday, 8 April 2011

I.Fairy Jewel series (16.2mm)

The price exclude postage
 Price : RM45
I.Fairy Jewel series 16.2mm (New Arrival)

I.Fairy Jewel series Pink 0-600
I.Fairy Jewel series Grey 0-600
I.Fairy Jewel series Brown 0-600
I.Fairy Jewel series Blue 0-600
I.Fairy Jewel series Violet 0-600
I.Fairy Jewel series Green 0-600

I.Fairy Ruby series (16.2mm)

 *The price exclude postage
 Price : RM45
I.Fairy Ruby series 16.2mm (New Arrival)

I.Fairy Ruby series Pink 0-600
I.Fairy Ruby series Grey 0-600
I.Fairy Ruby series Brown 0-600
I.Fairy Ruby series Blue 0-600
I.Fairy Ruby series Violet 0-600
I.Fairy Ruby series Green 0-600

I.Fairy Super Crystal (16.2mm)

*The price exclude postage
 Price : RM45
I.Fairy Super Crystal 16.2mm (New Arrival)

I.Fairy Super Crystal Pink 0-600
I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey 0-600
I.Fairy Super Crystal Brown 0-600
I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue 0-600
I.Fairy Super Crystal Violet 0-600
I.Fairy Super Crystal Green 0-600

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

FAIRYLENS (14.8mm )

*The price exclude postage
 Price : RM40
Fairylens 14.8mm (New Arrival)

Fairylens Pink 0-1000 
Fairylens Grey 0-1000 
Fairylens Brown 0-1000 
Fairylens Blue 0-1000 
Fairylens Violet 0-1000 
Fairylens Green 0-1000 

GOTHIC 3 TONES (14.5mm)

*The price exclude postage
Price : RM40
Gothic 14.5mm

Gothic Grey 0-1000 
Gothic Brown 0-1000 
Gothic Honey 0-1000 
Gothic Hazel 0-1000 
Gothic Blue 0-1000 
Gothic Sapphire 0-1000 
Gothic Violet 0-1000 
Gothic Green 0-1000 
Gothic Turquoise 0-1000

KIRA-KIRA (16.0mm)

*The price exclude postage
Price : RM45 
Kira-kira 16.0mm

Kira-kira Pink 0-1000 
Kira-kira Grey 0-1000 
Kira-kira Brown 0-1000 
Kira-kira Blue 0-1000 
Kira-kira Violet 0-1000 
Kira-kira Green 0-1000 

NATURAL 3 TONES (14.0mm)

  *The price exclude postage
 Price : RM40
Natural 3tones 14.0mm (NEW ARRIVAL)

Natural 3tones Pink 0-1000

Natural 3tones Grey 0-1000

Natural 3tones Brown 0-1000

Natural 3tones Blue 0-1000

Natural 3tones Violet 0-1000

Natural 3tones Green 0-1000 

POP.C LIGHT (15.5mm)

*The price exclude postage
Price : RM32 
Pop.C (light)
Pop.c Light Blue 0-1000 Power 
Pop.c Light Grey 0-1000 Power 
Pop.c Light Brown0-1000 Power 
Pop.c Light Green 0-1000 Power 
Pop.c Light Violet 0-1000 Power